About Us

At Jamaica Coffee Direct our aim is to bring you the best and freshest coffee that the Blue Mountains of Jamaica has to offer. We want you to make your experience of Blue Mountain coffee better than what you might purchase from other coffee retailers and to taste and enjoy this coffee for what it truly is, superb! 

Like wine, coffee is deeply affected by where and how its grown and the skills of the growers in cultivating the coffee trees. This is why were only offering coffee from single estates.  That’s right, the coffee you buy from us will be grown on individual estates and crucially NOT BLENDED with beans from any other location. If this is your first time visiting our site then firstly we want to say thank you for visiting and secondly, go and have a look at the labels on the coffee you already have.  They’ll make a big fuss about it being Arabica but barely a word about it being “a BLEND” of beans from all over the place.

We do hope you try and enjoy our coffee. It’s fresh from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and we’ll get it too you freshly roasted in good time, No problem :-)

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