1 How should I brew your coffee?

A  Everyone likes their coffee to taste just right, but as a rule of thumb we would say 15grams coffee to 250ml water. Your tastes may vary but it's a good jumping off point.

2 How long can I store my coffee.

A By now I'm sure you will have heard of storage in a fridge or cool dark place. We think air tight containers work best in combination with the above BUT....... Here's what we've done. Rather than have a fantastic high tech solution to the storage problem we've removed the storage problem altogether. By having small size bags of 125grams we hope you will drink your way through them in a timely manner i.e not very long which means that all you have to do is reorder more fresh fantastic coffee. And there's more, remembering to put in a weekly coffee order is quite frankly boring and a pain so we recommend you subscribe, like most of our customers do, and that way you need never worry about running out or remembering to reorder. And every week or two weeks or month, your freshly roasted coffee will arrive on your doorstep. We've even tried to make sure it'll fit through most letter boxes too. 

3 Sell by date?

A We put on the date of roasting, so you know its fresh and with a subscription it can be fresh weekly! If you're going to wait six months or more before you drink it please don't buy our coffee. It's the worlds finest and too good to be left sitting on a shelf or wherever!